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卡拉奇是巴基斯坦最大和人口最稠密的城市,根据1998年巴基斯坦人口普查,它有1400万人口。人口的这种巨大增长是农村 – 城市移民的结果,主要是长途移民。在1947年创建巴基斯坦时,大多数来自印度不同地区的移民定居在这个城市 ,并带来了他们的当地文化,导致居民的进一步多样化。在最近几十年,该市通过从不同的中东国家,伊朗和最近从中亚国家的迁移,在其多样化方面有一些新的发展。

由于世界上所有大型城市都必须处理其多样化人口的冲突观点,卡拉奇也不例外。但卡拉奇的种族具有一些特殊的特征,使其与其他大型城市区分开容易和丰富的武器可用性,主要由某一特定群体控制国家,经济增长战略的失败,区域集团主张其文化和民族主义议程国家对伊斯兰作为社会和政治的约束力的依赖性很少。在发展项目失败后,Bhutto的,开始在国家的事务中促进伊斯兰教。他的继任者,齐亚将军进一步通过在巴基斯坦军队的相对世俗的机构中光顾和推动伊斯兰主义者。国家的伊斯兰化和巴基斯坦作为前线国家的作用,为反对共产主义苏联 – 阿富汗战争的美国利益服务,是巴基斯坦伊斯兰教正统的作用的转折点。



Karachi is the largest and most densely populated city in Pakistan and according to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it has a population of 14 million. This enormous increase of population is the outcome of rural-urban migration contributed largely by long-distance immigration. At the time of creation of Pakistan in 1947, Most of the migrants originated from different parts of India settled in this city and brought with them their local cultures resulting in the further diversity of the inhabitants. In the recent decades, the city has some new development in its diversification by the migration from different Middle Eastern countries, Iran and more recently from the Central Asian states.

As all Mega cities of the world have to deal conflicting views of its diverse population ,Karachi is no exception. But ethnicity in Karachi has some peculiar characteristics which distinguish it from other mega cities the easy and abundant availability of weapons, the control of the state largely by a certain dominant group, the failure of economic growth strategy , regional groups asserting their cultural and nationalist agendas and state dependence on Islam as a binding force for society and polity are few of them. After failure of the development projects , Bhutto’s, started to promote Islam in the affairs of the State. His successor , General Zia took this policy further by patronizing and promoting Islamists in the relatively secular institution of Pakistani Army,. The process of Islamisation of the State and the role of Pakistan as frontline state, serving American interests in the war against Communist Soviet Union the Afghan war were turning points in the role of Islamic orthodoxy in Pakistan.

The aim of the essay is to show different actors of the recent ethnic conflicts in Karachi and how they use their specific identity to commit act of extreme violence against ‘Others’.I will also try to analyze the root causes of these ethnic conflicts basing my argument by developing a theoretical framework based on some concepts suggested by Kaufman and Appardurai.

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