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Marketing Essay 论文代写:The Development Of A Market Strategy

Marketing Essay 论文代写:The Development Of A Market Strategy






Marketing Essay 论文代写:The Development Of A Market Strategy

In the development of a market strategy, place strategy refers to how a company will execute the distribution of the products and services to the consumers. This ensures that the company manages to deliver the goods and services to their consumers at both the right place and at the right time. Petsmart could best enhance their sales through in-depth surveys on the places where people keep pets. With such a survey it will set up new stores at these locations and increase the likelihood of reaching more clients. PetSmart should also custom their services so as to meet the requirements of the customers from m different localities, this will place them an edge higher than competitors who offer uniform services. (Stapleton, 1998)

Another aspect of place strategy that PetSmart should look into is that of distribution, distribution of its goods should not be done solely by is stores. PetSmart should exploit doth direct and indirect channels of distribution. Direct distribution entails the sale of the pet food and pet gear to clients directly at their stores or their delivery to customers homes. Indirect channels entail the use of intermediaries such as wholesalers and retailers to sell their products. PetSmart should consistently evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of each and every channel it uses, this is important in the meeting of the companys marketing objectives. (Stapleton,1998)

Each of the channels however, has its merits and demerits that PetSmart should weigh before implementation. Direct distribution will ensure that PetSmart have control over their product, this is important in getting the customers views and complaints. PetSmart can easily obtain information on demands and other new requirements of customers. Since there is little bureaucracy, information flow will be more efficient ensuring implementation of new decisions. (Joyce, 2001)

There are also different distribution strategies that PetSmart could adopt. They include: intensive distribution, exclusive distribution and selective distribution. Intensive distribution can be PetSmart by coming up with cheap products that make the customers purchase them impulse for their pets. These small and low priced goods and services in the long run increase profits. Exclusive distribution could be utilized where pet population is low.

This type of distribution comes with highly priced products and should be discouraged in places where competition is stiff. Exclusive distribution limits product distribution to only one outlet. Selective distribution on the other hand involves the selection of stores that are strategically placed to target credible customers especially in high end residential areas. Selective distribution attains a good geographical spread and goods and services exhibit higher return rates since the selected intermediaries would have to be already well established. This however only works with pet food and gear and not much with the service. In my opinion it would be better using all these distributions in places where each of them works effectively.