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Politics assignment代写 The Green International Relations Theory

Politics assignment代写 The Green International Relations Theory


绿色的国际关系理论是更激进的性质比其他理论的红外和灵感在IR理论范围的因素,从而提高意识对国际关系理论的生态性(埃克斯利,2010)。它是作为一个反对环境问题的运动,是其他可接受的做法的不可预见的副产品。”他们是偷渡者的正常消费”(Beck 1992:40)。绿色理论分析家看真实世界的环境问题相比,现实主义、新自由主义和批判理论的传教士不同。现实主义者认为世界不各个成员国之间不断的斗争,认为环境问题在国家安全中的作用。新自由主义者也承认环境的挑战和需要调整的激励结构,为了使各国之间的合作(埃克斯利,2010)。批判理论家拒绝这样的方案设计,没有考虑到这个国家的社会和经济结构。绿色理论分析的基础是他们对非人类性质、未来几代的需求和生态风险分布的研究。



Politics assignment代写 The Green International Relations Theory

In the recent past, a lesser known but a vital topic in International Relations has been introduced which deals with the trans-boundary/inter-country ecological problem, known as Green Theory.

Green IR Theory is more radical in nature compared to other theories of IR and is inspired by factors outside the purview of IR Theory, thus increasing awareness on the ecological blindness of IR theory (Eckersley, 2010). It came as a movement against environmental problems which are the unforeseen byproduct of other acceptable practices. “They are the stowaways of normal consumption” (Beck 1992:40). Green theory analysts look at real world environmental problems differently as compared to Realism or Neoliberalism or critical theory preachers. Realists assume constant struggle between the various member states of the global world and don’t think environmental problems have any role in national security. Neo liberals do acknowledge environmental challenges and want to tweak the incentive structures in order to bring about cooperation amongst various countries (Eckersley, 2010).Critical theorists reject such solution designing which fails to take into consideration the social and economic structures of the country. Green theory analysts base their line of study on non-human nature, needs of future generations and ecological risk distribution.

Green Theory does contribute to our understanding the world politics and environmental issues by way of Green Political Theory which has three main features namely Eco centric ethics, Decentralization of Power and limits to Growth. These features reconstruct the world politics keeping the environment in clear view. Green Theory talks about the need of political transformation worldwide. It does try to address and respond to the environmental challenges by suggesting ecological modernization and a shared solution designing. But these solutions need to be propagated across the world on a global scale, which has not been seen yet.

Green theory suggests that through environmental governance around the globe, we should be targeting to respect all life forms and not only protect the current human society but also other forms of life which are crucial to main the balance of bio diversity which in turn is essential to human life survival only. Green theory’s analysts argue on the fact that humans are the most complex and developed species on the mankind, henceforth it is our moral duty to respect all the other life forms coexisting along with us. Mankind should not be showing his human chauvinism where it would be destroying or using the earth’s natural resources injudiciously for his own personal development leaving nothing for the other forms (Barry, 1992).