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Dark structure that is roughly at the center of retina is known as macula. Hard exudate appear as clusters of bright ,high contrast lesions and are usually well localized. For normal retina there is a rough symmetry about the macula in the circular region twice the diameter of optic disc. Using this feature we can describe normal and abnormal case. In order to describe the relevant feature, first obtain the color fundus image. Then circular region of interest have been extracted. The intermediate representation of IMP is known as motion of pattern of ROI. Relevant features of IMP is derived to classify the given image as normal and abnormal.

Severity of the risk is based on the location of hard exudate clusters relative to the macula. The best fit circle within the fundus mask with macula at the center of given image. The region with in the circle is known as ROI. The green channel of I form input to all processing. The center of the macula is automatically detected . optic disc may have brightness characteristics similar to hard exudate and it is detected and masked. So the resulting image contain circular patches indicating macula and rectangular patch indicate optic disc.

The generation of motion pattern is motivated by the effect of motion on biological/computer vision system. These system represent a scene as a set of of spatially sampled intensities or an image.. whwn object in a scene moves at a high speed, it usually leaves a smearing pattern in captured image. In computer vision , the estimation and removal of smear pattern is known as motion blur in images. Signal aggregation at sensor location in human eye and camera, give rise to smearing effect. I order to simulate this effect, we induce motion in a given image to generate a sequence of image. A motion pattern for IMP for i is derived as。

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