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Nursing Essay 论文代写:The Use Of Compression Bandaging

Nursing Essay 论文代写:The Use Of Compression Bandaging



治疗特定伤口类型的成本已在全国范围内进行了研究,并对所有的信任预算的影响。下肢静脉溃疡的成本仅£240-400万元15年前(观点1992)虽然研究为基础的治疗,提高治愈率的组织活力专家领导服务减少一些成本和改善患者预后(Ellison et al 2001)。据估计,3亿7340万£医用耗材项目的预算用于伤口敷料。人群中患病率一般落在1.2-3.2范围每1000人(Graham et al,2003),这意味着英国有70000-190000个人随时与下肢静脉性溃疡。患病率随着年龄的增长显着增加。英国的研究在当地人口的静脉性溃疡的患病率(Moffatt et al,2004)。在85岁以上的人群中,率8.29/1000(男性)和8.06/1000(女性)。在这项研究中,55%的患者有他们的溃疡超过一年的时间。

Nursing Essay 论文代写:The Use Of Compression Bandaging

Using guidlines and research aswell well as prior knowledge what I had accumulated from previous practice placements about the subject, a evidence based decision could be made. The patient was fully aware of all decisions made and given options reguarding the type of dressings they would prefer along with leaflets that showed stisticts of healing wounds. They were fully invovled witht there care by myself and my mentor.Valuing People (Department of Health, 2001) stresses the important role that person centred planning can play in helping people take charge of their own lives. My personal reason for choosing this subject to explore is I have been and seen alot of leg ulceration and the long proccess of healing, however I feel by discussing and exploring the subject that I can develop my skills by looking at other litrcher around the subject and other trust policies for future referrence. It will help me take a deeper look at the physiology of leg ulcers.

Practitioners need to be aware of how different types of ulcers require different kinds of dressings to manage these. Therefore utilising up to date and pertinent literature I will look at the decision making process as to why compression bandaging would be suitable and how it can be a effective treatment in healing leg ulcers.

The cost of treating specific wound types has been researched nationally and impacts on all trust budgets. Venous leg ulcers alone cost £240-400 million 15 years ago (Bosanquet 1992) although research based treatments to improve healing rates using tissue viability specialist led services have reduced some costs and improved patient outcomes ( Ellison et al 2001). An estimated £373.4 million of the budget for medical consumables items is spent on wound dressings. Population prevalence rates generally fall in the range of 1.2-3.2 per 1,000 people (Graham et al, 2003), which means there are 70,000-190,000 individuals in the UK with a venous leg ulcer at any time. Prevalence increases markedly with age. A UK study examined the prevalence of venous ulceration in a local population (Moffatt et al, 2004). In those aged over 85, rates were 8.29/1,000 (men) and 8.06/1,000 (women). In this study, 55% of patients had had their ulcer for longer than a year.