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Wellington 惠灵顿 assignment 代写 团队运动team sports


Nowadays,there is a tendency for students to play team sports in school. Some are forfun; some are just for chasing fashion or something else. No matter whatpurpose they hold, it’s good for them to play team sports in school, because itcan help them enlarge their social circle, become more health, and learn teamwork.It’s a foundation for them to succeed in the future.


First ofall, playing team sports is a fantastic way to make more friends. When studentsjoin a sport team, it’s certain that they will know more people whom theyhaven’t seen before. And those people have a common point that they areinterested in sports. Moreover, training with a group of people who have thesame interest is very easy for them to be friends. In other words, studentsenlarge their social circle by making friends with various people having sameinterest. It’s necessary to have a good social relationship if people want tohave a good status in society after they graduate.


 In addition, there are many ways for people tokeep healthy, and sports are an advisable way. As they are inclining on sports,they do practices frequently. As a result, they become stronger, like gainmuscle and look fit. And it’s true that people who often play team sportsalways look fit than those who don’t do exercise. The reason is simple. Themore exercise people do the stronger they are. Therefore, disease is sure to goaway from them. I believe many people agree that health is inevitable on theway of succeed.


Last butnot least is that it’s a direct way to learn teamwork from playing team sports.It’s well-known that no one can do everything well without others’ help. So,people have to find ways to let others to help them. From playing team sports,students can learn what teamwork is and how to make teamwork works bythemselves experiences. It’s much more effective to learn from books or others’experiences. By the way, cooperation is also an important part to success inthe future.


In aword, because playing team sports can enlarge students’ social circle, do goodfor their health and learn teamwork, we can say that playing team sport inschool and university help students successful in life.