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论文代写 注意公共行为 pay attention to public behavior

InChina, the problem about immoral behavior in public has been widely reported.Chinese people always said that is because the low population quality withself-mockery.


Recently, there was a video shown that a youngcouple carrying a baby in the subway, and they let the baby peeing inside thesubway car. Young couples were denounced by the passengers, who do not care atall. What’s perhaps most shocking, the young father even wanted to kick a ladywho were willing to offer a plastic bag as a toilet for the baby. Theuncivilized behavior of the young couple is intolerable and disgusting.


Inthe first place, public place belongs to every citizens, we should keep itclean but not to ruin it. In a small way, the behavior in public representpersonal quality, people could learn straightly what kind of person you are byyour manner, if you litter everywhere you want, you are a low quality people,not to mention indiscriminately defecate on land. In a big way, if you act likethat in foreign country, that could be a shame for our Chinese nation.


Inthe second place, the growing path of the baby is worrying. The immoralbehavior in public shows that the level of quality that the young couple have.The impact from parents could be huge. The baby might easily grow up into theperson just like his father, misbehavior, testiness and bellicosity. Parentsshould set a good example for children, but not to teach them an error concept.


Ina word, is our obligation to behavior polite in public, not only for ourselves,but also for a more comfortable public environment.


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