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英国硕士论文代写 如何对待名人吸毒how to deal with celebrities taking drags

Recently, the hot topic must be the celebrities taking drags, they were caught by the police and take the bad example to the public. The deals about the company won’t employ the celebrities who take the drugs has been mentioned, many people agree with it, they think it can warn the celebrities to stay away with the drugs.

On the one hand, celebrities taking drugs is such a big incident. For celebrities, they always show the positive side to the audience, it is hard to imagine they will do the wrong thing. As adults, they need to take the responsibility of their behavior, they fail what people expect them to do, so they will be punished.

On the other hand, though celebrities are public figures, they are just like every ordinary people, they will make mistakes and need to be given another chance. The deals about never employing them is such a big shock, it means they won’t be forgiven.

In my opinion, we should give celebrities another chance, most of them have recognized their mistakes. If the public care them with love, they will feel the hope and won’t take drags again.