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外国论文网 住在大城市的弊端disadvantages of living in big cities

A number of people prefer to live in countryside because they consider that living in big cities has many disadvantages.
First of all, the most obvious problem is traffic. In big cities, traffic jam is quite common everywhere, especially in the rush time. And a large number of people have to spend a great deal of time in going to work and coming back from work. In addition, traffic accident is another threat. 
Second, with the increase of cars and buses in big cities, air pollution has become another disadvantage of living in big cities. Besides, a growing number of factory have also accounted for air pollution in big cities. Consequently, many diseases caused by air pollution are emerging in an endless stream. 
Finally, another image of big cities is relative to noise, such as the noise of transportation, the noise of construction and so on. 
In a word, living in big cities has many advantages but also disadvantages. And living in big cities or countryside should depend on our personal preference and needs.