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英文论文润色 学生应通过考试 students should pass all the courses


Whether college students should pass all the courses or not has always been a controversial issue. Some argue that college students have the responsibility to accomplish their courses to make sure that they have learned something in college, while others hold the opinion that student has the right to choose their favorite classes rather than all the courses arranged for them. As far as I concerned, I incline to the idea that students should pass all the courses they take so that they can not only get a bachelor’s degree but also can learn more.


On one hand, passing each course is the necessity to get a bachelor’s degree. Almost all universities urge students to pass all their courses so that they can finally get a bachelor’s degree. If not, students won’t get a certificate which means years of study for a degree go in vain. Nowadays, a bachelor’s degree is the guarantee to a good job. Therefore, most students fight for a degree which means they should try their best to past all the courses arranged for them.


On the other hand, our society needs versatile people implies that students should take more courses to learn more so that they could be accepted by high-leveled position, although some of the courses are not their majors. To be high qualified, students should master knowledge they learned from their courses and pass them at the same time. Although passing the exam does not mean students have mastered what they learn, if not passing them, it’s certain that they don’t do well in their study. Moreover, failing in some exams may make people doubt that your learning ability is not so good. The employers may think twice before hiring you.


To sum up, as students, they have the responsibility to pass all exams to get a certificate for a better job, but also to make them high-qualified to win in the competitive job market.