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java代写 智能手机成瘾smartphone addiction

As thedevelopment of modern technology, Smartphone has become quite popular all overthe world with its outstanding functions. People can use phones to surf theInternet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures atany place, anytime. It seems that smart phones have already become anindispensable part in people’s daily lives. However, some people are indulgingin smart phones, which already have side-effect on their normal life.


Somepeople, especially teenagers, are easily fall for Smartphone for these reasons.First of all, nowadays, people are under great pressure, while cell phoneprovides a platform for people to relax themselves. By playing mini-games,vocal chatting with friends, watching movies and listening to music, people caneasily forget their problems temporary. Second, there are always something newon the phone. It is can be interesting, mysterious and various. So people areeager to turn on their phones, want to know what is happening around them. Whenpeople spend too much time on the phones, they don’t have enough chance tocommunicate with their friends or parents. Their attentions have been drawn awayby the virtual world. Lack of good self-control, they are fragile to the smartphone addiction, while they supposed to focus on their study and work.


I thinkpeople should take smart phone addiction seriously. Quitting addiction needstime and patience. People should turn off their phones, go outside andcommunicate with others face to face. Do more exercise and form optimisticattitude towards life!


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