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英语论文范文 The United Health Plan

 安泰致力于帮助消费者提供便捷安全的,符合成本效益的实现健康和金融安全、优质的医疗保健,以及保护消费者的财务状况与健康相关的风险(安泰,2012)。安泰继续寻找独特的方式在新兴的消费者导向的健康计划上为其会员和客户(安泰,2012)。Humana公司提供一致的健康保险和相关服务的雇主组织,政府资助的计划,和个人(Humana公司,2012)。UnitedHealth集团帮助人们健康的生活使他们能够获得最优质的服务,确保支付能力,并作出明智的决定提供指导(联合健康集团,2012)。此外,我们的目的是通过循证医学的实践(联合健康组,2012)减少在医疗保健的结果的变化。联合健康集团是一个企业,包括美国医疗保健,鼓掌,Ameri Choice,Inge nix,Optum健康网络,和处方的解决方案(联合健康集团,2012)。

在这些企业联合健康集团致力于卫生保健系统,提高人们的健康,并支持社区工作,做同样的事(联合健康集团,2012)。联合健康集团是在原来的1977名美国医疗保健公司成立(UnitedHealth Group,2012)。多年来,联合健康集团开创了几个创新的方案来支持他们的总体任务和已与几个奖项认可(联合健康集团,2012)。联合健康组帮助人们获得正确的治疗方法,使他们能够在正确的时间找到合适的医生(联合健康组,2012)。

Aetna is dedicated to helping consumers achieve health and financial security by providing easy access to safe, cost-effective, high-quality health care, and protecting consumers’ finances against health-related risks (Aetna, 2012). Aetna continues to look for unique ways to serve its members and customers in the emerging consumer-directed health plan arena (Aetna, 2012). Humana offers cordinated health insurance coverage and related services to employer groups, government-sponsored plans, and individuals (Humana, 2012). UnitedHealth Group helps people live healthier lives by enabling them to access the best quality care available, ensuring affordability, and providing the guidance to make informed decisions (United Health Group, 2012). Additionally, we are intent on reducing variation in health care outcomes through the practice of evidence-based medicine (United Health Group, 2012). UnitedHealth Group is a network of businesses that include United Healthcare, Ovations, Ameri Choice, Inge nix, Optum Health, and Prescription Solutions (United Health Group, 2012).

Throughout these businesses UnitedHealth Group is committed to making the health care system better, improve the health of people, and support community efforts to do the same (United Health Group, 2012). UnitedHealth Group was established in 1977 originally under the name United HealthCare Corporation (UnitedHealth Group, 2012). Over the years UnitedHealth Group has pioneered several innovative programs to support their overall mission and have been recognized with several industry awards (United Health Group, 2012). United Health Group Helps people get the right treatment by enabling them to find the right doctor at the right time (United Health Group, 2012).

That’s the primary benefit of having the largest national network of health care providers in America, one that meets access standards for 98 percent of the United States population (United Health Group, 2012). Our network includes direct relationships with more than 560,000 physicians and caregivers, approximately 5,000 hospitals and care facilities, approximately 85,000 dentists and 64,000 pharmacies (United Health Group, 2012. In fact, more U.S. physicians accept United Healthcare than any other insurance plan (United Health Group, 2012).

Aetna offers a broad range of traditional, voluntary and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services, including medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans, medical management capabilities, health care management services for Medicaid plans and health information exchange technology services (Aetna, 2012). Humana has several plans to offer their members with choice and flexibility where you can add various optional benefits (Humana, 2012). With features such as customized “build-your-own” plans and large networks including 350,000 medical providers and 3,000 hospitals it is easy to find a health insurance plan that best fits your personal lifestyle and needs(Humana,2012). Humana provides its customers with such plans as the Portrait Plan, Monogram Plan and Autograph Plan (Humana,2012).

Most Humana plans do vary by state; therefore, in order to receive the accurate information for your state, it would be helpful to go through a broker (Humana, 2012).

UnitedHealth Group provides a range of health insurance plans directly to families, students and individuals under age 64 through United Healthcare’s Golden Rule Insurance Company (United Health Group, 2012). We offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplement insurance, Private Fee for Service Plans (PFFS) and Special Needs Plans (SNP) through our United Healthcare Medicare & Retirement business (United Health Group, 2012).





As a patient with type I diabetes, I would choose the Humana One plan because even though the premiums are higher, there are many more benefits to this program than to the programs provided by Aetna and United Health care, such as: there is no charge after the deductible for office visits for a primary care doctor, or for a specialist and with this plan through Humana One the annual deductible is only $1500(Humana, 2012). With the Aetna plan there is a $2500 deductible, plus$40 co-pay for office visits with a primary care doctor and a $50 co-pay for office visits with a specialist (Aetna, 2012). The annual deductible for this plan is $2500 per year and the annual out-of-limit is $ 7500 each year (Aetna, 2012). Also with this plan you must pay 20% of health care bills for coinsurance, after you meet the deductible for the year (Aetna, 2012). The premiums are also higher for this plan than they are with the Humana one plan and this plan is not eligible for a Health Savings Account for prescription drugs, whereas the Humana one plan is; the Humana one plan premium is only to $216 a month(Humana,2012) compared to $256 with Aetna(Aetna,2012).

The United Health plan has a cheaper premium each month, but it is a network which means that if I go out of the network as a patient to be treated me is going to have to pay a certain percentage of whatever bills arise even though I have health coverage(United HealthGroup,2012). Also the deductible for this plan is higher at $2500 per year, even though there is no charge for an office visit with a primary care doctor after this amount is paid(United Health Group, 2012). Even though I’m paying a higher premium with Humana one, I like the idea of being able to go through a PPO and choose who I wish to see as my primary care doctor, or specialist rather than having to stay within a network of doctors and specialists, because there may not be a doctor in my network where I live (Humana,2012).

As an administrator I would choose the United Healthcare Group to partner with because this company has basically the same values and integrity that I would like for my facility to provide patients (United HealthcareGroup,2012). The values in this company are aligned around the basic values that inspire every healthcare professional’s behavior as not only individuals but also as a healthcare facility as a whole. United Healthcare group is dedicated to the utmost levels of both personal and institutional integrity throughout the company (United Healthcare Group, 2012). They vow not to compromise their personal or institutional ethics in any way, shape, or form. They also strive to deliver on their promises and have the courage to acknowledge if they make mistakes, they will do whatever needs to be done to correct them, and see that they do not happen again (United Healthcare Group,2012).

United Healthcare Group tries to walk in the shoes of the clients they serve and the people we work with each day (United Healthcare Group, 2012). This company does their best to listen with empathy as well as respond appropriately and quickly with service for each client they serve, each group or community, and for society as a whole because that is of utmost importance(United Healthcare Group,2012).

They do their best to build trust through cultivating relationships and working in productive collaboration with government, employers, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, hospitals and the individual consumers of health care (United Health Care Group, 2012). Trust is earned and preserved through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement and collaboration with our colleagues and clients (United Healthcare Group, 2012). They also encourage a variation of thoughts and perspectives that reflect the different varieties of markets and customers around the world(United Healthcare Group,2012).

United healthcare group pursues continuous, positive and practical innovation to make the lives of their patients better and easier, they also use their deep experience in health care to be thoughtful advocates of change and to use the insights we gain to invent a better future that will make the health care environment work and serve everyone more fairly, productively and consistently (United Healthcare Group, 2012).

They are committed to delivering and demonstrating excellence. They vow to be accountable and responsible for consistently delivering high-quality and superior results that make a difference in the lives of the people they touch, no matter what the age or disability (United Healthcare Group, 2012).