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Religion Essay 代写:A Better Solution To Heal Your Problems

Religion Essay 代写:A Better Solution To Heal Your Problems



灵性疗愈是创造一个从源头到需要它的人的疗愈能量的一个通道的过程。它有助于一个连接超自然的资源,也给了治愈某人的力量。灵性疗愈发生在能量从一个人(疗愈者)被转移到真正需要它的人(导引头)。这对身体,精神和心灵的工作,并有助于保持良好的健康和生活热情。它有助于解决情绪,精神和身体上的问题。能量通过治疗师的手从治疗者转移到病人手中。他们中的一些人还认为,治疗师和灵性疗愈者不需要靠近彼此愈合的发生。Religion Essay 代写:A Better Solution To Heal Your Problems

精神治疗师将他的手放在被治疗的人身上,以传递正能量来治愈这个人,并帮助他摆脱他的问题。你总是不需要一个治疗者来治愈你。你也可以在自己的祈祷和愈合的。能源,医生都说是来自外部的,智能的和无形的源。身体、精神和精神必须相互合作,为精神疗愈而起作用。如果你不相信灵性疗愈,但你的身体确实想去体验它,然后你就无法体验到完全的灵性疗愈效果。你需要完全相信你所做的事为你工作。Religion Essay 代写:A Better Solution To Heal Your Problems

You have heard about Spiritual healing, but do not know exactly what does that mean or what is it all about. So let’s understand spiritual healing in a better way and try to benefit from it.

Spirituality is nothing but knowing your inner self in a better way by completely giving yourself to God. God is the one who takes care of all and that is what you have to accept. Spirituality helps you to recognize and accept God with open arms. It cultivates a relationship between the two of you. It gets you closer to God and helps you connect and accept Him. Spirituality helps us to discover the true and real nature of self consciousness. Spirituality is often said to be as a source of inspiration and direction in life.

Spiritual healing is the process of creating a channel of healing energy from a source to someone who is in need of it. It helps one connect with supernatural resources and also gives the power to heal someone. Spiritual healing takes place when energy from one person (healer) is transferred to the person (seeker) who actually needs it. This works on the body, spirit and mind and helps to retain good health and enthusiasm in life. It helps to solve emotional, mental as well as physical problems. The energy is transferred from the healer to the patient through the healer’s hands. Some of them also believe that the healers and the seekers of spiritual healing need not be close to each other for healing to take place.

The spiritual healer places his hand on the person who is being treated to transfer positive energy to heal the person and helps him get out of his problems. You always do not need a healer to heal you. You can do it with prayers and healing in yourself too. The energy that the healers have is said to come from external, intelligent and invisible source. The body, spirit and mind must work together with each other for the spiritual healing to take effect. If you mind does not believe in spiritual healing but your body does want to experience it, and then you will not be able to experience the complete spiritual healing effect. You need to have complete belief in what is going on for it to work for you.

Some people think that spiritual healing is a phenomenon connected with age old traditions such as Reiki or ethnic-based faiths. It has also been observed that spiritual healing has been found in many different faiths and traditions. Some people especially Christians, tend to think that it is a combination of a anointing with oil or water with vocal prayer is a way to ask God for healing. Many people also trust and believe in the ability to connect with natural energy in the universe and direct that energy to treat emotional, spiritual and physical sickness. Spiritual healing is also practiced to clear any blockages between the mind and the heart which may cause anxiety, depression or other mental issues that impact the emotions.

Spiritual healing is useful to create self awareness of our mind and body. It helps to wake up the subconscious in you. It helps in self improvement and gives a better prospect for life. You start looking at the present and future with enthusiasm, energy and positivity.

In some traditions, spiritual healing is spiritual healing is viewed as a complimentary healing activity which is further combined with traditional medicine, herbal remedies or different forms of natural healing to give us the solution.

Advantages of Spiritual healing:

Secure life and safety

You are connected with God and that gets a positive energy flow in your body. You have a wonderful feeling that you are not alone in this world even when you get separated from your close one in your personal life. You start believing in yourself and have faith that God will guide through all your problems. You feel safe that you have someone to talk to in your desperation. You get the solutions to all your problems as you feel safe and secure.


You are able to achieve calm and peaceful state of your mind. You are able to fight all your worries and fears. The healing touch helps you to take more challenges in life and face them with courage. The belief in God helps you recover fast and face the future in a better manner. You know that you can always trust and confide with God when you face problems. You realize that you are not alone in the battle to fight your emotions. This gives you peace of mind and soul.

Self Control

You do not have control on your body, mind and soul. But you can always be calm and think positive to make things work for you. Having a positive perspective helps you to lead a life of self control without losing your temper to others.

Self confidence

You develop a relationship with God through spiritual healing. It is a healthy and effortless relationship. You find that you are full of positive energy to heal all your problems. God loves you and has given you the opportunity to live on this earth and face the universe with its problems. God has made you lovable, respectful and worthy to receive the worldly treasures. All this helps you get confidence in your own self and realize your worth in this world.

Always be open to the idea of unconditional love

The relationship with God is so satisfying and enriching that you realize that his power is truly very wonderful. You also receive the gift of unconditional love. The love that exists in the relationship between you and God is priceless and even cannot be explained in words. It is a kind of love which is completely different from romantic love or even ordinary friendship. The experience that you share with God is different and can never be compared with anything.