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怎样写论文 改善学习习惯的方法 ways to improve your study habits

Most students may want to be a top student.Even if they usually get poor scores, they may still want to get a betterscore. In fact, most university students are very intelligent. The key toperform well in university lies in improvement of their study habits.


First of all, you need to make a plancarefully. Many people complain that they can not find time to reading books ordo something that should do, and some students even say that they have so manythings to do but they find out the time isn’t enough. In fact, that is becausethey don’t make a good plan to organize their time wisely. They should make alist of the important things and then make a good schedule for their time: whendo the most important tasks, when do the sports, when have a rest and so on.


Secondly, you should find a suitable placefor study. Even though students can find many places for study, a quiet andbright place like a classroom or a library is preferable. Some studentsconsider their dormitory is also a good place. This is a wrong thought, becauseyour roommates may represent much interference.


Lastly, you need to have some tests. Whenyou have carry out your study plan for a period of time, you need to find timeto take a test. Have a test can be a good method to check your improvement orweakness in study. Then you can make better plan to get a further progress.


All in all, if you can make a nice plan,find a proper place to concentrate on your study, and make a good use of testsin time, you will certainly hold many chances to become a better student.


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