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英文教育论文 布兰迪斯大学 essay范文

英文教育论文 布兰迪斯大学 essay范文 简介:

布兰迪斯大学成立于1948名犹太法官后(Louis Brandeis)。这所大学多年来一直在市场上。它为来自世界各地的学生提供了许多课程。大学的录取不考虑颜色、种族或地点等,而是根据他们的学历来录取学生。它是美国的一所私立大学,在不同领域的研究。大学位于Waltham,马萨诸塞州仅14公里,距波士顿。它招收了很多来自不同国家的学生,目前约有3200名本科生和2100名研究生。2011,由于教育和教育的发展,在美国的全国大学排名中排名31位。

英文教育论文 布兰迪斯大学 essay范文 正文:


Brandeis University was founded in 1948 and named after the Jewish Associate Justice (Louis Brandeis). This university has been in a market for many years. It offers many programs to students from all over the world. The university’s admission does not consider things such as color, race, or location; instead, the students are admitted according to their academic qualifications. It is a private university in America offering research in different fields. The University is located at Waltham, Massachusetts which is only 14 kilometers from Boston away. It enrolls a lot of students from different countries and currently has about 3,200 undergraduate and 2,100 graduate students. In 2011, due to the programs and advancement of education, it was ranked as the number 31 in America’s national university category.

Application’s Requirement

After the university’s application the potential qualification of the student is checked and considered. It is also noticed how the applicant can fit into the studying environment and to grow in it. The university likes to admit students who are innovative to like to challenge their activities. While taking into consideration my skills, it should be emphasized that I was a monitor in a high school and an organizer of students’ activities. This has assisted me to grow in school and to get the admission. This will contribute to my application’s consideration and give me responsibilities which will develop my talent as a leader. I have the three years from a high school and this is one of the requirements for freshmen admission.

Student’s Life

The university has many programs which assist students to grow and to feel comfortable in the school environment. The school provides housing and food for all students. There are houses for the students so that I will not have a trouble in finding a place to stay. The University has organizations and clubs which involve all students. I will join the union and assist in development the way I did in my college as the leader of a students’ union. I used to play in school tennis, table tennis, badminton, and also dedicated my time to the athletic training. The university encourages spiritual life to all students as well. There are churches and unions for all confessions and religions. The university gets involved with the issues of community’s development. They promote locals and provide teachings and campaigns on things which can assist the community.


The Brandeis University is of great interest to me and suits best to my personality. All the things which are performed by students support my views of the ideal university. This university also promotes the spiritual life. Moreover, it holds campaign on things which are researched. I am interested in politics and therefore I will be involved in the campaigns and promotions. The games which I like are also played in the university.

The University is well positioned. It is located near the main road and in a few kilometers from Boston. The location of the University makes it to have maximum security. The program which I would like to participate in is offered in the university as well. I will have an opportunity to develop my skills and talents. The fee paid for each program in the university is favorable and affordable.


The University provides the best education and research. There I will get the best knowledge to apply in a work place. The university will assist me to develop my skills, my professional grow and my future career.

英文教育论文 布兰迪斯大学 essay范文