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由于快速变化的技术和全球经济力量,工作场所继续经历变化。这些改变学生的工作要求,使他们必须毕业,准备工作,需要强大的学术技能和关键技能的应用,如批判性思维,识字和分析能力,以及提高数学和科学的能力。中学毕业的要求,因此应反映工作场所的变化。课程的推广确保更多的学生进入大学或劳动力,当他们准备成功。此举是为了确保学生获得必要的技能,为学院和工作。课程准备学生专上成功。各级学生,包括那些不想上大学的学生,从课程中受益。 课程的表现对学生的大学学习有着惊人的影响。与那些没有准备上大学的学生相关的费用很高,当他们没有准备好工作时,这可能会更高。该课程的目的是确保每个学生进入工作或大学具有较高的成功概率。


The workplace continues to experience change due to rapidly changing technology and global economic forces. These transform the work requirements of students that necessitate them to graduate ready to perform work that requires strong academic skills and application of essential skills such as critical thinking, literacy and analytic capabilities, as well as increased proficiency in math and science. The graduation requirements for secondary school should, therefore, reflect the changes in the workplace. The promotion of the curriculum ensures that more students enter college or workforce when they are ready to succeed. This move is an effort to ensure that students gain necessary skills for college and work. The curriculum prepares students for post-secondary success. Students at all levels, including those who may not want to go to college, benefit from the curriculum.The performance in the courses has a startling effect on the students’ readiness for college. The costs associated with training students who are not ready to go to college is high, and this may be higher when they are unprepared for work. The curriculum is designed to ensure that each student enters work or college with a higher probability of success.

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