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Because of migration of people, former colonies are dismantled and poor countries have got the highest diversity of the people from the advanced world. Migrants from China, Korea, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey and Portugal have joined the descendents of the earlier migrants from Ireland and Eastern Europe. Due to reasons like, famine, floods, religious intolerance, there has been more concentration on the urban crowd and people from the inner areas of cities had started developing houses in the cities. Migrating and movement had become the most important part in order to transform the city. But by the end of the century, it became more complex because a new element called fluidity was also included. There was improvement of transport, so people could move from one place to another easily. They could also move from their old house to the new one. But many people were stuck in their new houses due to poverty, fear of persecution or immigration controls. Due to development in technology, it became easy for people to maintain relations between culture and place. People living in different country other than their original country could keep in touch with the things happening in their country by watching them on television

Diverse people with different likes and dislikes, different opinions, belonging to different race and religion started living together in the same society. People form the first and the third world countries started living together, either in the western countries or in the rest of the world. The situation of every individual, irrespective of where they live, is very similar. Consider women, from any part of the world, for e.g., New York, London or Bombay, their first preference of job will be at home. Men, of different nationalities, work together for the same global firm aiming at the similar outcome