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Sainsbury的交付方法和其他方法有什么区别,我们如何能说在竞争性市场更高效?原因是他们正在使用集成的供应链管理系统,涵盖整体是SCM的方面。这个集成系统根据需求规划每一件事情。我们将在后面的项目中讨论。 Sainsbury相信多变换交通战略是适用和可行的。 Paragon软件包括集成运输,路线调度和车队控制器与ISO轨道的主动运输管理系统,以建立非凡的信念和指向行动。由于对Sainsbury的商店服务的关注,他们节省了15%的形式整体存储轮换时间的减少,并且还改善了从商店在决定时间生产的交货数量。这预计可以节省17%的企业社会责任目标。他们每周从空运行节省12%,每周减少2000次空运行,同时从四个维度节省140000加仑的油,减少了310万磅的碳排放。 Sainsbury的交付方法是完全环保的。他们实施了一个绿色的物流战略,这不仅是环境友好的,而且还以节省资金的方式降低了燃料重新设计网络,运输和仓储的成本。绿色物流实际上涉及供应链管理的所有方面。


Sainsbury’s implemented an innovation paragon over their national distribution channels that help them to deliver a product to customers in calculated time. This innovative paragon will discuss later in the project. Then more important thing is there transportation management system that we can say is the backbone of supply chain management system. Transportation system is linked with paragon integrated planning optimizer. These innovative planning systems radically improve the complex truck tracking and execution of transport plans. If we talk about warehouses or stores then we will see a very sophisticated arrangement of centers. These centers comprise of 527 supermarkets, 276 smaller stores and 19 distribution centers to allocation of tractors, trailers, straight trucks and drivers in the direction of routes.

What is the difference between Sainsbury’s deliveries approach and others and how we can say that is it more efficient in competitive market? The reason is they are using an integrated supply chain management system that cover allover is the aspect of SCM. This integrated system plans every thing according to requirement. We will discuss later in project. Sainsbury’s believe on multi shifted transportation strategy which is applicable and feasible. The paragon software covers integrated transportation, routing scheduling and convoy controller with ISO track’s active transport management system to establish extraordinary level of conviction and directed to action. As concern about Sainsbury’s services to stores they are saving 15% decrease in form overall store rotate timing, and also improving the figure of deliveries produce from store in decided time. That saves 17% by CSR goals expected. They are saving 12% from empty running less 2000 empty travelling weekly, also saving 140000 gallons of oil from four dimensions, reducing 3.1 million lb emission of carbon. Sainsbury’s delivery approach is completely environmental friendly. They implemented a green logistic strategy that is not only environmental friendly but also cause of saving money in a way reducing the cost of fuel redesign the network, transportation and warehousing. Green logistic actually addresses all the aspects of supply chain management.

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