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Competition-based Pricing: Whittaker follow the steps to stay longer in the market via setting the price of goods in accordance with the price of similar products (already existing or newly launched).As we know very well, Whittaker chocolates are liked by KIWI people not only of its pricing but also their quality in chocolates. According to marketing manager of Whittaker, cocoa butter is more expensive but still they are selling chocolates on normal price which is beneficial for company output as comparison to other company cocoa like Cadbury.

Differential Pricing: On the basis of differential pricing, Whittaker chocolates can promote and sell their products through coupons, mega sales, price rebates and distribution outlet. Also it’s depending on demographics or customer distinctions like age, lifestyles, status, and income. Moreover, on the basis of competitors and market research and pricing of others companies is beneficial.

Bundle Pricing: – Company can sell their product by increasing the volume of products in bucket and sale their product on normal prices. Everyone like the bundle products near to festivals like Christmas and for gift to anyone. They can down their prices near to festivals for customer attractions and for some profit. it differentiate the competition by providing a surplus to the range of customers through offering the bundle of products in a package.

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