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The movie Leon is very popular around the world, though it has been showed for more than 20 years. Everybody is impressed by the mature girl in the movie, the girl’s actress is Natalie Portman. Since then, Natalie starts her successful performance career. She is the embodiment of beauty and the wisdom. 


Natalie is really beautiful, but the more important thing is that she is good at performance. Most female actresses are famous for their perfect looking, but Natalie works so hard, she keeps focusing on her acting and she wants to prove herself. During the last decade, Natalie acted different roles and she won the Oscar for her film Black Swan. She acted so well and the prize she won proved that she was a successful actress.


Natalie also studies so well. Though she is busy with her acting career, she never gives up studying. She goes to Harvard University and studies the psychology. That is so awesome, she goes to the top university. Natalie’s successful life owes to her talent and her constant hard working. She is going to achieve more goals.