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零售价值主张非常类似于波特的持久模型的三个基本战略,任何公司,如果要成功,必须追求。有些反对的两个基本战略是成本领先和差异化。这似乎是合理的,因为它将很难同时成为低价领袖,推动产品创新市场。第三波特的通用策略提出的焦点,有时表示为客户亲密,只是给一个利基提供价值或专业市场(波特1980年,p . 35)。波特的框架,表明一个公司的策略应该基于行业营销结构,规定公司必须选择如何去市场。因此,横跨“战略栅栏”是导致平庸和将邀请竞争如果不高度竞争的领域了。
A Retail Value Proposition is very similar to Porter’s enduring model of the three generic strategies that any firm, if it is to be successful, must pursue. Two of the generic strategies which are somewhat opposed to one another are cost leadership and differentiation. This seems reasonable as it would be quite difficult to simultaneously be the low-price leader and driving the market through product innovation. The third generic strategy that Porter proposes is that of focus, sometimes expressed as ‘customer intimacy’ and is simply delivering value to a niche or specialized market (Porter 1980, p. 35). Porter’s framework, indicated that a firm’s strategy should really be based upon the industry marketing structure, dictated that a firm must choose how they should go to market. As such, straddling the ‘strategic fence’ is a recipe for mediocrity and will invite competition if the field is not highly competitive already.

A Retail-Value Proposition, in the same vein, is how a firm ‘goes to market’ yet is not based upon the industry or market competitive structure but is customer-driven. While many companies use the verbiage of being customer-driven and can identify their largest, or even better, most profitable segment as being female with $45,000+ income, consider the firm that can describe this same customer as being

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