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Even though the prices imposed by Sony seems to be fair with consideration of the quality of the products and services offered , The only problem is that, Sony has priced its products too expensively for a middle or lower class customer to afford to buy those products. Apart from that Sony has targeted its market mainly to urban customers as are the only customers who can afford such expensive products. In my opinion, I think Sony has to create also some of low end products with low prices which can be affordable to low income users.

As I have mentioned above, In the case of place (distribution), Sony has targeted its markets in the urban areas, in big cities. Sony has more than four different distributors like Sony world and also they have Sony service centers. So, for the customers in urban areas the supply seem to be satisfactory, though the rural areas are left out

With the succession of the two founders at hand, it would be very difficult for the company to find someone as visionary, as respected and with the same engineering background to lead the umbrella strategy company. With Sony as a much international company with major branches in Europe and the United States and stocks listed in 23 stock exchanges, the Japanese cultural school strategy is not sufficient. Becoming a mature company, the strategy should also change to more profit orientated. There should also be greater emphasis on market share, especially in Japan where Sony’s market is shrinking. Strategy should be aimed at greater control and communication between manager and workers, especially the engineers in the R&D Department. A more planned strategy should be adopted, which should outline the general direction of the company.

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