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Pandora Media,Inc.是互联网广播服务,推荐服务,以及音乐基因组计划的保管人。用户输入他们喜欢的歌曲或艺术家,并且服务通过播放音乐上相似的选择来做出响应。用户提供对单个歌曲的批准或不赞成的反馈,Pandora对未来的选择进行考虑。音乐基因组计划是Pandora的个性化功能,因为它是一个详细的手工制作的音乐分类法。 2000年,Tim Westergren在50位音乐分析师的帮助下开始了他认为是对音乐尝试最全面的分析 您在MQ学习遇到难题了吗?不要纠结了!马上了解 悉尼论文代写 服务 帮您解决学术ASSIGNMENT难题!


但在线音乐网站很难找到一个有利可图的商业模式。 Pandora提供两种型号 – 一种是免费和papered与音频和视觉广告,流媒体限制为每月40小时,和一个溢价,无广告的服务,每年36美元。订阅者获得无限听音时间,没有任何中断,以及桌面应用程序,提高跳过权限,以及更高质量的流媒体。其方法吸引投资者。他们刚刚获得了一轮新的风险投资,据报道价值超过5,700万美元。该公司在2009年以有偿业务模式显示利润。该公司计划明年的收入翻一番,达到约1亿美元。


Pandora Media, Inc. is an internet radio service, recommendation service, and the custodian of the Music Genome Project. Users enter a song or artist that they enjoy, and the service responds by playing selections that are musically similar. Users provide feedback on approval or disapproval of individual songs, which Pandora takes into account for future selections. The Music Genome Project is what powers Pandora’s personalization, as it is a detailed, hand-built musical taxonomy. In 2000, Tim Westergren, with the help of 50 music analysts, started what he believed to be the most comprehensive analysis of music ever attempted

He and his team listened to one song at a time. They studied and collected hundreds of details on every song just as one would study the traits of a genome. It’s the data from this project that helps power the well-loved online radio website Today the service has about 70 million registered users, three quarters of a million songs, and it’s adding more than 50,000 users per day.

But online music sites have struggled to find a profitable business model. Pandora offers two models – one is free and papered with audio and visual ads where the streaming limit is 40 hours per month, and a premium, ad-free service for $36 per year. Subscribers get unlimited listening time, without any interruptions, as well as a desktop application, increased skipping privileges, and higher quality streaming. Its methods are attracting investors. They just secured a new round of venture capital money reportedly over $57 million worth. The company showed profits in 2009 with the paid business model. The company aims to double their revenue next year, bringing it to about $100 million.