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澳洲essay代写 谈谈人生中一段时间的目标



An useful Paragraph on My Aim in Life!

Unlike my friends, I was not a very aim focused person during the early days of my life. However, I was lucky to have a mother who could dream for me. Sounds odd?

Yes, I know. She had some unexplainable confidence in me and thought I could turn the dust into gold. Quite the opposite, books used to scare the heck out of me initially. But now, I can see myself standing strong against the odd winds.

Aimless Me: Age of a Teen

I was typically a nagging child. At that time, I failed to understand the importance of self dependency. I knew I couldn’t be an engineer for sure. I was not good at mathematics. Being a happy-go-lucky child, I used to think who the heck need to even be bothered about this. Never knew it’ll be me one day shaping my own future.


While I didn’t have any remarkable educational accomplishments to claim that I was a very ambitious person, I didn’t take any of the opportunities coming my way for granted even once. While preparing for the board exam, I knew that I wanted to be the topper.

Sometimes I think I was too lucky to be in the association of outstanding people at the right time. I met a very authoritative person who could see the dreams in my eyes. That was the time of transformation. He guided me throughout the vital years. After a successful board exam and college life, there were no turn backs.

I Want to Assist in Brand Building

When I found out I want to help people get over thought constraints, I knew I had a creative bend of mind. I let myself loose. I started following the achievers. The more I got to know them, the more I became confident about my aim in life. I want to help brands spread the good words worldwide.

I want to help businesses get the voice of their choice. As of now, I know I can do well than many of the peers. I’m determined, thoughtful, curious and a diversified person with a strong will power. Many people have aims in life; but a very few of them have the courage to stand strong beside their dreams. A very few can manage to resist the odds. I’ve that strength. So yes, my aim is not to give up till the end.

I Chase…..

I’m not after the money. I don’t want world recognition. Because I chase excellence, success will be mine. I adore self dependency. I see myself working independently alongside some very beautiful creative minds. I want to earn enough and always be by the side of my family.

One thing I understood very clearly – having no aim in life doesn’t necessarily mean you’re never going to have it. You’ll find it out at some point. Just be sure not to give up when you find out what makes you happy. Chase your dream and fight for it. Remember that aim is a very small world to justify the real meaning of life.

Today I stand proud against the strong wind. I’m a caring, self dependant person

澳洲essay代写 谈谈人生中一段时间的目标