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As previously alluded to, the introduction of laptops in the classroom should be the basis of a significant change in thinking about student learning. Very often teachers are so busy thinking about how to teach that very little time is spent thinking about how students learn. Technology asks both teachers and learners to envision teaching and learning tasks in new ways. Teachers must design learning activities and students must design learning projects that make use of technology resources and subject matter ideas. Designing a project can help students bring together ideas about the subject matter, their own strengths, and motivations n and communicative principles. Technology affords very different opportunities that may spark a line of inquiry previously unimagined. Teachers must embrace these opportunities and realize the implications for student learning. Rather than having a class full of students locked in one activity.
Relating to the notion of facilitating learning rather than dispensing knowledge are issues of power and social politics. If the teacher and text are displaced as the sole arbiters of subject matter knowledge, ramifications follow for power relationships in classrooms. Many students may feel empowered by the freedom to learn, explore and critique knowledge as it comes to them in new media. Students are often thrilled to realize that perhaps for the first time, they know more about the topic than their teacher. Students who feel empowered as learners are more highly motivated to learn and are generally more successful in their efforts to do so.

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