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毛里求斯1970中约有18000的游客。在1985至2000年间,游客的人数增加约340%。一大比例的旅游者来自欧洲,法国提供了近一半的游客。此外,留尼汪岛是最重要的短途客源市场对毛里求斯几乎占13%的总旅游人数。亚洲居民占旅游人数的6%,几乎有一半来自印度的亚大陆。2004的旅游人数几乎是720000人。在2008,970 482据报道,毛里求斯旅游。游客主要是法国和英国,毛里求斯被认为是一个昂贵的旅游目的地,因此,航空旅行和住宿通常是昂贵的。大多数游客都是在度假和很少有独立旅行或背包。但是,有游客来毛里求斯独立,因此不来的套餐。为加强旅游市场的旅游,包机已被禁止,高标准的度假酒店已建成,并有高标准的美食和优良的服务质量。


Tourism, a very important sector in Mauritius and also one of the main the topic of this study, has been an ever expanding industry in Mauritius. As the sugar prices have fallen on the international level and the production of textiles was not as profitable as before, the tourist industry has been the solution to be concentrated on. Tourist policy in Mauritius promotes high class tourism due to limited availability of space and the need to adopt environmental conservation measures while maximizing income. Preferring high class tourism by the way discouraging low budget tourism, the Mauritian government favors luxury hotels, four and five stars resorts with golf courses, and spas. Tourism in Mauritius is concentrated mainly on the high-spending European market.

Mauritius had approximately 18,000 visitors in 1970. Between 1985 and 2000, there was an increase in tourists’ arrival by approximately 340%. A big percentage of tourist arrivals are from Europe, with France supplying almost half.  Moreover, Reunion Island is the most important short haul source market for Mauritius accounting for almost 13% of total tourist arrivals.  Asian residents account for 6% of tourist arrivals, almost half of which came from the Indian Sub-Continent. Tourist arrivals in 2004 were almost 720,000. In 2008, 970 482 tourist were reported to Mauritius. Tourists are mainly French and British, Mauritius is considered to be an expensive tourist destination and therefore, air travel and accommodation are generally expensive. Most tourists are on package holidays and there is very little independent travel or backpacking. But still, there are tourists who come to Mauritius independently and therefore do not come on package holidays. So as to enhance up – market tourism, charter flight have been forbidden, high standards resort hotels have been built and there are high standard of cuisine and excellent service quality.

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