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悉尼代写作业 友谊的价值the value of friendship


People often say that friends arepriceless. So it is certain that friendship is very important. The followingare the examples of myself to explain this opinion.


Friends share happiness, which makes usdelightful. For example, one of my best classmates, Cloud, when she told me shegot a good mark and was in the top ten. Before I replied she said again,”Because you are my best friend, I want to share the good news with you atthe first time”. Hearing that, I knew she was happier after she told me.At that time we were two happy birds flying in the sky. In a word, friends playwith me in my spare time that let me feel needed. They always keep company withme when I am depressed. But they don’t do whatever I want. Sometimes they areagainst with me while they think I am wrong. I still remember once I quarreledwith my math teacher. At last, it was my friends made me realize my fault, andthen solved the entire problem smoothly.


In my opinion, friends are one of the mostimportant people in our life. We can’t live without friends. It is valuable foreveryone.


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