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历史是知识领域的主体部分,它关于人和过去的事件的谈话。不仅仅是没有任何研究和讨论,而是在事实被解释和分析成重要的东西之后,过去的汇编。让我们举一个关于Piltdown人的历史的例子。例如,在1912年,一个古人类学家查尔斯·道森声称他发现在英国的人类头骨属于约50万年前的人类祖先或被称为道森的下人。据他介绍,这是人类进化的先驱证据。大多数专家同意这些标本年龄约50万岁,并在博物馆陈列超过40年。但突然之间几个科学家怀疑标本是从人类祖先,因为头骨碎片和颚骨显然从两个不同的物种。科学家做了一些尝试来证明这个说法是错误的,但是没有成功。后来,由于技术的进步,一个古生物学家,肯尼斯·奥克利试图在Piltdown人上进行氟的测试技术,以确定化石的实际年龄。他将这项技术应用于化石上,他发现化石只是Dawson要求的几千年而不是50万年。进一步调查,发现化石是人类头骨和猿的组合。古生物学家得出的结论是,Piltdown人是一个拼图,一个拼图的拼图,具有正确的颜色,但错误的形状,并立即从博物馆中删除。 Piltdown人是一个例子,显示我们怀疑可以导致获得更清楚的知识,可以带给我们更接近的真相。


History is a subjective parts of area of knowledge and its talks about people and events of the past. It is not just the compilation of the past that is being recorded solely without any research and discussion, but after the facts are being interpreted and analysed into something significant. Lets take an example of a history about Piltdown man. For instance, in 1912, a paleoantropologist, Charles dawson claimed he have found human skull in England belong human ancestor aged about 500 thousand years ago or known as Dawson’s down-man. According to him, it is a pioneer evidence of human evolution. Most experts agreed that these specimens age about 500 thousand years old and being displayed in museums for more than 40 years. But out of sudden a few scientist doubt about the specimens was from human ancestor because the skull fragment and the jawbone obviously from two difference species. A few attempts were made by scientists to prove this claim was wrong but they did not succeed. Later, because of the advance in technology, a paleonthologist, Kenneth Oakley has tried the technology of flourine testing on Piltdown man in order to determine the actual age of the fossils. He applied the technology on the fossil and he found that the fossil is just a few thousand years not 500 thousand years as claimed by Dawson. Further investigation was made and it is found that the fossil is combination of human skull and ape. A conclusion is made by paleontologists that Piltdown man is a join together of a piece of jigsaw puzzle with the right colour but wrong shape and was immediately removed from the museum. Piltdown man is an example that shows us that doubt can lead to get a clearer knowledge and can bring us and nearer to the truth.

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