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第二个问题是获取网上远程学习习惯。学生的日常生活对大多数学生来说都是很分散注意力的。不同于传统的大学生总是在他们的学习社区,支持他们的大部分时间,在线远程学生不是。分心,如朋友要求晚上晚餐和妻子要求去购物商场在每个周末都面临的其他分心学生。在一天中学习一些时间是很难完成的。在线远程学习者也很难独立和对自己负责。大多数时候,身边没有一个监控学生学习的过程。在线远程课程的开放给学生自由的学习过程,每当他们喜欢,但大多数时候,拖延是罪魁祸首。聚焦他们的学习目标的观点也会使学生对自己的学习不负责任的行为。 第三个问题是在线远程学习者也面临着识别和掌握信息技术的优势和技能的问题(IT)。在网络远程教育中,技术是信息和通信流的主要渠道。在这个过程中通常需要一台具有互联网接入功能的计算机,它的应用需要用户掌握一定的获取水平。这些问题的产生是由缺乏训练,一些教师的态度的使用技术,还有一些硬件问题。Â似乎是不言而喻的,教师需要被训练使用远程学习技术,但他们往往是没有的。Â学生也需要有一些基本的写作技巧去网上远程英语。不幸的是,并非所有的学生都具备以上技能。


The second issue is in acquiring go online distance study habits. The students’ everyday environment is very distracting for most of the students. Unlike traditional university students who are always in their learning community which supports them most of the time, online distance students are not. Distractions such as friends asking for night supper and wife demanding to go shopping at the mall every weekend are among other distractions faced by students. Acquiring some time in a day to study is quite a hard task to complete. Online distance learners also have a hard time in being independent and responsible for their own self. Most of the time, there is no one around to monitor the students learning the process. The openness of the online distance program gives students the freedom to do their learning process whenever they like but most of the time, procrastination is the culprit. Unfocused view of their learning goals also will make the students act irresponsibly towards their learning.
The third issue is online distance learners also face problems in recognizing and mastering strengths and skills in Information Technology (IT). In online distance learning, technology is the main conduit which information and communication flow. A computer with internet access is usually needed for this process and its application will need the user to master the certain level of acquirement. Some of these problems arise from a lack of training, some of the instructor’s attitudes about using the technology, and still others by hardware problems.  It seems to be self-evident that instructors need to be trained to use distance learning technology, but too often they are not.  The student will also need to have some basic writing skills and go online distance command of English language. Unfortunately, not all of the students possess the above skills.

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