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天才儿童可以在各种领域表现出杰出的能力,包括智力,学术能力,创造性思维,领导能力和视觉和表演艺术。他们还表现出快速发现问题和解决问题的能力。的天才学生的全面发展取决于他或她的环境,大力鼓励、支持从家庭和社会群体(悉尼马兰1972)。天才儿童的纵向研究表明,他们中的大多数都是健康的,以及调整和实现到成年,有一些例外,后进生。 教学认知策略、问题发现、问题解决和创造力是特殊项目关注的特点。有效的发现问题和解决问题的能力取决于个人’灵活使用他或她的知识结构和创造力。此外,它取决于发散思维的能力,愿意成为不同的和强烈的动机。后进生有自卑感,失败和低自信的期待。


Gifted children may show outstanding abilities in a variety of area including intellectual, academic aptitude, creative thinking, leadership and the visual and performing arts. They also show the ability to find and solve problems quickly. The full development of the gifted student depends on his or her environmental context, strong encouragement, and support from the family and social groups (Sydney Marland 1972). Longitudinal studies of gifted children indicated that most of them are healthy and well adjusted and achieve well into adulthood, with some exceptions that are underachievers.
Teaching cognitive strategies, problem-finding, problem-solving, and creativity is some characteristics that special programs focus on for gifted students. Effective problem-finding and problem-solving skills depend on the individuals’ flexible use of his or her knowledge, structure and creativity. In addition, it depends on the capacity for divergent thinking, a willingness to be different and strong motivation. Underachievers have the feeling of inferiority, an expectation of failure and low self-confidence.

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