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One cannot just wash one’s hands of the whole ordeal; these post-abortion dangers can haunt the woman in a variety of ways. The mental health of a woman who has had an abortion has the possibility to dramatically suffer afterwards. However, the woman who does not have an abortion is usually happier and less depressed than the other woman. In addition to mental suffering, women are also vulnerable to many other hazards. During the first three months of a subsequent pregnancy, there is twice the chance of a miscarriage. During the second trimester, there is ten times the chance of a miscarriage, three times the chance of premature delivery, and two times the chance of infant death after birth. All these risks are present because an abortionist stretches the womb opening in thirty to sixty seconds when a mother’s womb usually stretches over twelve or more hours of natural labor. By stretching it so quickly, the muscles tear, thus weakening the vaginal muscles for later pregnancies. In addition to the women’s vulnerability to many pregnancy related dangers, abortion is a highly immoral practice.I personally think that abortions should be illegal, because why would you want to kill another human being. The baby did not do anything to deserve to be killed; the baby did not ask to come into this world nor your life. I think that you should take the chance in being a parent, or give the baby up for adoption if you think that you are not able to be a good parent. Give the baby to someone who will love and cherish that baby, it does not have to be killed. There are many other solutions than abortion. Besides, getting an abortion can cause so many health problems. Why would you want to harm yourself because you do not want a baby or you do not think that this is the right time to be having a child? I think the best thing to do is give the baby up for adoption, and then go on with your life. But then again if you are out there doing things to get a baby, then you should woman up and keep your baby instead of taking the easy way out.