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研究人员解释说,他们不希望与参与者建立长期关系,因此他们采访了每个母亲只有一次(谢尔登等人。2010)。因此,为最佳(2010b)指出,深入采访作为一个扩展的谈话会使他们感到更舒适和母亲谈论自己的感情和信仰,没有任何一个适当的方式表达自己的担忧,担忧。此外,更具体的问题,应要求在第二次会议与母亲,以准确地探索这个更具体的领域,他们要解决在本研究中(访谈问题出现在附录)。 然而,如果他们坚持不建立扩展的关系,他们可以做电话采访,确保匿名性和保密性的母亲湖和比林斯利(2000)在他们的研究中,通过检查在特殊教育中的父母和学校之间的冲突的因素。此外,这将是一个很好的实践,如果研究人员是妇女,如果他们与这些问题,因为个人经验或基于知识。这会让母亲觉得被采访者分享他们的感受并完全理解他们。匹配的受访者与受访者的特点是一种方法,以尽量减少反应者的偏见(威尔逊1996)。此外,Belenkey等。(1981-1982年引Mishler 1986:127)强调合作关系和访谈,问从者讲述自己的故事,用自己的“声音”更合适,当我们要对付女人。


Researchers explained that they did not want to establish extended relations with the participants, as a result, they interviewed each mother only once (Shelden et al. 2010). Therefore, as Best (2010b) points out, an in-depth interview as an extended conversation would be an appropriate way to make mothers feel more comfortable with them and talk about their feelings and beliefs and express their worries without any concern. Also, more specific questions should be asked in a second meeting with the mothers in order to explore with accuracy this more specific field that they want to address in this research (the Interview Questions appear in the appendix).However, if they insist not to establish extended relations they can do telephone interview ensuring anonymity and confidentiality to mothers as Lake and Billingsley (2000) did in their research by examining the factors of conflict between parents and school in special education. Moreover, it would be good practice if the researchers are women and if they are relevant to these issues because of a personal experience or based on knowledge. That would make mothers feel that the interviewee share their feelings and completely understand them. Matching the ascribed features of interviewers with respondents is a way to minimize the bias of the responders (Wilson 1996). Additionally, Belenky et al. (1981-1982 cited in Mishler 1986:127) highlight that a collaborative relationship and interviews which asked from the responders to tell their stories by their own ‘voices’ are more appropriate when we have to deal with women.

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