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本文论述了移动虚拟网络运营商在下面的MVNO的现象。正常电话运营商和MVNO之间的差别在于,后者不具有使用无线电频率的权利,并且因此不具有其自己的无线电接入网络和相关联的基础设施,使用拥有使用无线电的权利的移动网络运营商频率租用无线电容量利用。 “这一业务概念允许MVNO参与移动通信市场,扩展为目标细分市场和价值链量身定制的创新移动服务的交付。




The paper addresses the phenomenon of mobile virtual network operators hereinafter MVNO. The difference between a normal phone operator and MVNO is that the latter does not have the right to use radio frequencies and, therefore, does not have its own radio access network and associated infrastructure, using the mobile network operator who owns the rights to use radio frequencies to rent radio capacity utilization. ” This business concept allows an MVNO to participate in the mobile communications market, expanding the delivery of innovative mobile services tailored specifically for the target segments and value chain.

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and predict growth strategies, identify markets and market segments served, weaknesses and strengths as well as regulatory aspects of MVNO market in Romania. The results of comparative analysis is based on secondary data research, applied research practice in EU countries where mobile communication services are provided by both incumbents and virtual ones, and on its own analysis. The key is to see if there is potential for an MVNO in the telecommunications market in Romania, which is recognized as the market highly competitive.

We consider the possibility of launching a MVNO using an existing operator and using a mobile virtual enabler (MVNE). The latter is a new product on the market in Romania, but that could help virtual operators to enter the market more easily just because their business model.