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According to the Arthashastra, good governance comes with peace and order which can be achieved through the collaboration of different factors in a community. The first of these factors is the leader. The leader is the one held responsible for everything that is happening in a community. In Indian society, the leader or the king plays a very important role as he is the one leading the nation and thus, must exhibit a lot of virtues. Because the Arthashastra’s main goal is to maintain the welfare of the people, called Yoga-kshema, the leader of the society must work for this goal [1] .This goal must be the most important priority even against the leader’s own needs. This is what true service is all about.

Considering this principle in the present-day Philippines, all the “kings,” from the Barangay Captains to the President, must be dedicated in serving the people. These “kings” should exercise true service not because they will gain something from it personally but because it is for the betterment of the people. Quoting from President Noynoy’s campaign line, “Kayo ang boss ko! (You are my boss!)”, exemplifies this principle.

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