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图书馆是社会机构之一,它总是涉及社会的进步和发展。为成功地管理和组织图书馆服务,需要专门培训的人员。只有通过图书馆和信息科学教育,才能培养出训练有素的人才。图书馆是一个服务行业,它包括理论和实践两方面或技术科目。因此,至关重要的是,图书馆员应充分了解所使用的技术和方法,以提供更好的服务给用户。在1959页的德鲁克在他的书“明天的地标”确定程序员,系统分析员,图书馆工作者和研究人员作为知识工作者。现在,我们称之为图书馆学和信息科学。Pertti Vakkari表明,图书馆学与信息科学相关。从这个角度来看,LIS教育必须发挥重要和多样化的作用。 3 LIS教育史:LIS教育首次在美国哥伦比亚大学开始在1987的努力Melvil Dewey。之后,许多其他学校在美国建立了相同的模式,直到第十九世纪。然后在英国伦敦图书馆学院成立于1921在伦敦。印度图书情报学教育开始与王公siyaji饶gaikowad Baroda州的努力,谁邀请mr.w.a.borden国务院组织的一个好的图书馆系统。博登在1911开始的培训计划。在这之后,A.D.Dickenson又开始了一个培训课程在旁遮普大学培养图书馆工作人员。


The library is one of the social institutions, so it always involved in the progress and development of the society. For successful administration and organization of the library services, specially trained personnel are required. This is only achieved through the library and information science education by preparing trained personnel. Librarianship is a service profession and it includes both theoretical and practical or technical subjects. Thus it is essential that the librarian should gather full knowledge about the techniques and methods used to provide better services to the user. In 1959 P. F. Drucker in his book “Landmarks of Tomorrow” identified programmers, system analysts, library workers and researchers as the knowledge worker. Now, we termed library science as the library and information science. Pertti Vakkari shows how library science is related to information science. In this perspective, LIS education has to play a vital and diverse role.3 History of LIS education: LIS education first started in Columbia University of USA in 1987 by the effort of Melvil Dewey. After it, many other schools were set up in the USA in the same pattern till the 19th century. Then in England London School of Librarianship was started in 1921 in London. In India, LIS education started with the effort of Maharaja Shivaji Rao Gaikwad of Baroda state, who invited Mr.W.A.Borden to the state to organize a good library system. Borden started a training program in 1911. After this, A.D.Dickenson also started a training program at Punjab University to train library staff.

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