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This research aims at providing a set of guidelines regarding achieving a marketing break through in selling LPG to small vehicles owners to replace the current gasoline consumption.

The basic question this research attempts at answering is how to mobilize small vehicle owners to change their fuel consumption mindset from gasoline to LPG in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region?

This research also tries to establish an understanding of the pros and cons of the use of LPG as auto gas in the IKR through a swat analysis the exercise assist in tooling campaigns that call for promotion of the use of LPG as auto gas in the IKR .

Following IKRs policy to attract investment in the oil and gas industry and the signing of numerous exploration and refining contracts, it is reliably safe to assume that LPG will be abundantly available in the local market .

Sourcing is now addressed with the aforementioned assumption. pricing is equally safely assumed to be benchmarked to the nearest international hub, the Mediterranean market, namely Ceyhan port, with all associated transportation costs being deducted from the Ex-Works Free-on-Truck(FOT) price internally .