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在课堂上引入笔记本电脑可以被看作是一个工具,简单地改善我们已经在教室里做的,或者在另一方面,作为一个工具,有可能彻底改变我们在教室里做什么,我们如何做到这一点。方法(1994)认为,“历史表明,每当有新的技术引入…个人首先倾向于使用它作为他们使用传统的技术,它取代了”(第3页)。简单地使用笔记本电脑,只有加强日常的教学和学习(如发现有趣的事实添加到一个教训,创造一流的材料和讲义,采取在线问答等)阻止了强大的潜力,学习经验的笔记本电脑可以提供在课堂。虽然笔记本电脑在教室落成投入许多挑战,教育教学过程中,如何教育部教师、管理者和其他所有股东对这些挑战的回应将决定在教室的电脑的命运在下一个千年。 它是一个可怕的事情,没有视觉(凯勒,1880-1968)[ 3 ],因此它是明智的考虑,我们将在教室的新技术的引进,到底我们怎么去那里。”[ }严重改革的努力必须不只是在教室里,但在整个系统内的教育发生”(意思是,p.5)。笔记本电脑可以作为一个重要的,也许一个激进的代理在教学过程中也曾经的老师和学校管理者都愿意接受挑战的重组改变,重塑和改造教育实践、程序和方式,反映了不断变化的技术和社会环境中,我们的孩子在学习思维”


The introduction of laptops in the classroom can be seen as either a tool to simply improve what we already do in the classroom or on the other hand, as a tool with the potential to revolutionize what we do in the classrooms and how we do it. Means (1994) opined that ‘history suggests that whenever a new technology is introduced … individuals’ first inclination is to use it as they used the traditional technology it replaced’ (p.3). Simply using laptops only to enhance everyday teaching and learning (e.g. to find interesting facts to add to a lesson, to create class materials and handouts, to take online quizzes etc) thwarts the powerful potential, learning experience laptops can provide in the classroom. Though the inauguration of the laptops in the classrooms throws many challenges to the educational process, how the ministry of education, teachers, administrators and all other stakeholders respond to these challenges will be the deciding factor in the destiny of the laptop computer in the classrooms in the next millennium.
It is a terrible thing to see and not have the vision (Keller, 1880-1968) [3], it is wise therefore to think seriously about where we are heading with the introduction of the new technology in the classrooms, and exactly how are we going to get there. ‘[S}erious reform efforts must look not just at the classroom, but at the whole system within which education takes place’ (Means, p.5). The laptop can act as a significant and perhaps a radical agent of change in the teaching-learning process once teachers and school administrators are willing to rise to the challenge of ‘reorganizing, reinventing and rebuilding pedagogical practices, routines and thinking in ways that reflect the changing technological and sociological climate in which our children are learning’

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