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“Atithi Devo Bhava”这个活动由印度政府推出的帮助不仅增加国际旅游也帮助国内旅游增加。


结论:ITC是没有其他比其他任何行业的酒店和旅游行业的操作,因此容易被塑造,和任何产业的成长形成过程中起关键作用的各种因素。但从来没有少,ITC已在过去的几年里成长了很多,已经在这个风险是相对较新的为它做的很好。ITC也因此成为一个非常创业学院不仅在酒店行业,但在许多其他领域,已进入多元化,而让自己变得更强大了一步多元化本身和新的元素,新的挑战去面对处理进入新领域。 如果你在昆士兰这个美丽的城市读书,需要学术难题,论文作业代写可以联系我们的 布里斯班论文代写服务


Direct employment- there are a number of post that are available in the hotel industry for example- waiters, food and beverages manager, front desk, hose keeping and so on. Thus when a hotel comes into existence it provides employment to so many people of the economy.

Indirect employment- in the hotel industry there are a number o suppliers that provide the hotel with the desired resources that it needs and it not only provides employment to them but also to the workers and other people that such suppliers handle.

With the help of this chart it can is clearly possible to understand as to how the hotel industry provides jobs to huge part of the population.

Boom in the industry- in the recent years the hotel industry has witnessed a boom this majorly happened due to the growth rate and the boom that the retail industry was also going through and of course the rise in the tourism industry that the county went through.

Future prospects- the Indian hotel industry seems to have a bright and steady future ahead for itself, it can be said due to the following reasons-

It is estimated that there will almost 4.4 million tourists who will visit India at a steady growth rate of 12% in the next few years.

It is estimated that there will almost 40 international brands in Indian by 2011.

Government contribution- the government has been helping in the growth and boom of the hotel industry by launching its very well know campaigns which are as follows-

“Incredible India” campaign has been able to attract a lot of tourists which are attracted to India.

“Atithi Devo Bhava” this campaign launched by the Indian government has helped not only increase the international tourism but also helped the domestic tourism to increase.

Social empowerment- ITC has been working on the social front also by launching a number of schemes which are targeting a lot of the underdeveloped sector of the economy. It can understood by the following chart-

Conclusion- ITC is no other than any other industry operating in the field of hotel and tourism and s thus vulnerable to the various elements that are help shape it and play a vital role in the formation and growth of any industry. But never the less ITC has grown a lot in the previous years and has been doing well in this venture which is relatively new for it. ITC has thus become a very pioneering institutes not only in the hotel industry but in many other fields that is has diversified into, and due to make itself more strong and powerful it took the step to diversify itself and entered new fields with new elements to handle and new challenges to face.