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在这方面,有两个主要领域需要检查。这些人认为,这所学校有一个可以被外界认可的口音,第二个是口音是否存在,或者学校内部的不同派别说话不同。为了收集研究标题的数据,“调查存在一个穿制服的学校口音的威望学校”的一些研究工具,利用。这些措施包括结构化和无结构化面试,问卷调查,团体和个人的发言和语音和视频记录。 采访前学生的圣奥古斯丁女子中学,口音的存在,需要解决外人辨认。两名村民住得离学校很近,问了两个问题。第一个是,如果他们认为saghs女孩有口音,和第二是试图模仿他们说话的方式。第二个问题会揭示人们如何感知saghs女孩讲话。这两个村民的反应将相互比较,检查他们的答案的任何相似之处。这部分的研究试图确定人们是否认为这些学生和口音和它听起来像。这些人的想法,和他们的特点,与学生的讲话,将比较女孩如何说话,以确定是否存在一个刻板的看法。


In this reach, there were two main areas that needed to be examined. These were, the perception that this school has an accent that could be recognized by outsiders, and the second was if an accent existed or did the different cliques within the school speak differently. In order to gather the data for the research titled, “Investigating the existence of a uniformed school based accent in a prestige school” several research tools were utilized. These included structured and no structured interviews, questionnaires, group and individual speaking and voice and video recordings.Before interviewing students of the Saint Augustine Girls High School, the existence of an accent, recognizable by outsiders needed to be addressed. Two villagers living very close to the school were asked two questions. The first was if they think that SAGHS girls have an accent, and the second was to try and imitate the way they spoke. The second question would reveal how people perceive the speech of SAGHS girls. The two villagers responses would be compared to each other examining any similarities in their answers. This part of the study tries to determine if people think that these students have and accent and what it sounds like. What these people think, and the features they identified with the student’s speech, will be compared with how the girls speak in order to determine if a stereotypical view exists.

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