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In terms of strengthening Nike’s corporate responsibility, the famous sport brand learned that improve lives is a key direction in increase profits and social responsibility by collaborating with suppliers in third world to limit employees working overtime, ensure freedom of association and build the sustainable supply chain. Previously, Nike involved into the scandal that the exploitation of worker in factories in the developing nation. Immediately, the leader of the company corrects the situation by implementing an improved working condition for 800,000 employees in 700 factories in 52 countries. This step is forced the firm’s systemic, process and the culture change to rise up the corporate social responsibility concern the environment, health and safety for Nike’s labor.

Culture: Nike realized that care about worker live, as well as enhanced support workers will bring many social benefits and increased profits in the long-term production. Nike has tried very hard to educate and transfer the company’s knowledge to suppliers, stakeholder and managers at related factories.

Structure & Process: In addition, the company practice the root cause analysis and the intense collaborate among Nike’s suppliers. There are many lack of association freedom,working overtimes, harassment, nonpayment of wages, health and safety issues, so, Nike do not only solve the symptoms but to attack the root cause.I nvolving collaborate, Nike uses the foreign timeframes and the different cultural norms by working with suppliers, workers, non-governmental organization to help them define the project goals and implementation. For example Nike’s Vietnam suppliers are good progress and with Nike’s help, they can establish a corporate responsibility committee. By raising the corporate responsibility in the supply chain, Nike can achieve the goal that builds the sustainable and ethical supply chain as well as the sustainable profitability growth and contribute their Corporate Responsibility.