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近年来,分布式领导一直是教育领域研究的热点。本研究报告探讨了它是如何理解的背景下,我目前受聘于爱尔兰邮政小学,一些参考其在学校的教学和学习的影响。 我们的学校是一个都柏林南内环呈现所有女子中学(现在是最近成立的信托机构赛思特赞助下)与弱势地位。教职工有28名:校长、副校长、助理校长7人(包括方案协调员岗位)、8名特殊职务教师和11名没有正式领导职务的教师。 管理委员会代表客户管理学校,必须与客户协商并保持对任何决定、建议和政策变更的知情权。员工志愿者一直被邀请参加我们学校的各种任务小组和小组委员会。这些团体被视为非常重要的发展或修订的政策或课程问题,他们的建议一般采取的董事会上的工作人员和校长/副校长。这些团体已经从postholders postholders没有短缺和非自愿的成员,这将表明一个基本的核心价值观,组织持有的所有成员(e849学习指南,21页)也强调了分布式领导存在于学校。


Distributed leadership has been the subject of much research in the sphere of education in recent years. This research report explores how it is understood in the context of the Irish post-primary school that I am currently employed in, with some reference to its impact on teaching and learning in the school.Our school is a Dublin south inner city Presentation all-girls Secondary School (now under the Patronage of the recently formed trust body CRIST) with disadvantaged status. There are 28 members of the teaching staff: principal, deputy principal, 7 Assistant Principals (including a Programme Coordinator post), 8 Special Duties Teachers and 11 teachers with no formal leadership position.The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the Patron and must consult with and keep the Patron informed of any decisions, proposals and policy changes. Staff volunteers have always been invited to participate on various task groups and subcommittees in our school. These groups were seen as being very important in the development or revision of policies or curricular issues and their recommendations were generally taken on board by both staff and the principal/deputy principal. These groups have had no shortage of voluntary members from both potholders and non-postholders, which would suggest a ‘fundamental core of values that all members of the organization hold’ (E849 Study Guide, pg. 21) and also highlighted the fact that distributed leadership exists within the school.

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