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麦当劳于1954由一个叫Raymond Kroc的人,想法最初来自一个站在Kroc先生在圣贝纳迪诺看到,加利福尼亚。他们推出的“Speedee服务系统”不到1948,这是现在被称为现代“快餐店”。麦当劳最初的吉祥物是一人上一个汉堡包形头名叫“Speedee”首席的帽子,这个想法最终被替换为麦当劳叔叔我们知道今天。麦当劳已经成为世界上最大和最快的食品供应商,服务约47million客户每天的基础。麦当劳已经成为现在最重视的名字,价值大约250亿美元,并为他们的吉祥物Ronald McDonald,他已经获得了普遍的承认。






McDonald’s was founded in 1954 by a man named Raymond Kroc, the idea original came from a stand Mr. Kroc saw in San Bernardino, California. Their introduction of the “speedee service system “wasn’t until the 1948, which is now known as in modern day terms “fast food restaurant”. The original mascot of McDonalds was a man with a chief’s hat on top of a hamburger shaped head whose name was “speedee”, this idea was eventually replace with Ronald Mc Donald as we know of it today. McDonalds has become the world largest and fastest food provider which is servicing approximately 47million customers on a daily bases. McDonalds has become now one of the most valued names worth about $25 billion dollars, and for their mascot Ronald McDonald he has gained a universal recognition.

Otherwise overall, McDonalds tries to offer low priced goods with high profit margins. Most of their strategies to survive in fast food industry are by reducing costs and targeting children/students.

McDonalds’s management strategy involves the CEO that is responsible for making all the decision making and designs process involved with the company.

McDonald’s recognizes the important of their employees and makes sure that they are full satisfied before they serve customers. McDonalds offers their employees certain staff discounts also rewards and promotions, with further training which will lead to store manager positions and possibly beyond that EG: local or state manager etc.

In essence to this, McDonalds has come far in a long way and there isn’t much you can say that is going wrong with them from turning into a local business to a worldwide known logo which is recognized in most countries. With this information I think what McDonald’s would be trying to achieve next is becoming more healthier and getting kids active into sports by creating their own teams, which they already have their kids marathons but it’s not enough to show the community that they won’t their kids being fit and healthy.