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Computer Science Assignment 代写 论手机 on cell phones

As cell phone is inexpensive and almost allpeople can afford it, most people tend to depend on cell phones a lot. Wheneveryou see people around whether they are walking on street or sitting anywhere,you will find that people just stare at their cell phones. This situation hascaused public’s attention. Some believe that cell phones bring them fun. Someargue that cell phones will cause disaster. In my opinion, I agree that cellphones facilitate our life. Reasons are listed as follows.


Firstly, cell phones bring usentertainment. We can read our favorite novels and newspapers, listen to themusic and even watch movies by cell phones. We can enjoy much fun by playingcell phones.


Secondly, we can contact our friend in aminute. Provided that we don’t have cell phones, we can just use letters tocontact with our friend and it takes several days to hear from them. If we havecell phones, we just need to dial their number and we can know what they aredoing or what they plan to do. Thus, cell phones make people closer. 


All in all, we can not only enjoy fun byplaying cell phone, but also we can contact our friend in a minute. Thus, cellphones facilitate our life.


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