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解释“温水煮青蛙”现象的一个很好的方法是考虑一个公司的例子,这是一个很小的水果蔬菜市场,位于新西兰(Van Peursem Harnisch,2001)。这个市场是经营传统做法的日常活动,并没有提供任何灵活性,其业务能力。他们因此变得无知的变迁和创新实践改造业务需求的不断增加(理查德森,使用&理查德森,1994,p.12),由传统的管理已经受到限制。据霍加斯史葛、沃森和Wilson(1996),一个正式的研究是一个正式的市场研究的必要性,而沃尔玛的业主忽视,希望他们的客户将他们的需求通知他们或任何问题,如果有任何。


The term ‘boiling frog’ is a common expression often heard here and about. The term refers to the idea that a frog may be boiled alive if the heat is increased gradually. If the frog is thrust into boiling water, it will instantly jump out and escape to save its life. But if the frog is left first in cold water, and the heat is increased slowly, the frog will not try to escape as its senses will not register the potential threat of the rising temperature of the water. Therefore the frog will be cooked to death, before any sort of realization hits it.

The term ‘boiling frog’ is applied in business strategies, especially when referring to a situation when the businesses are unable to respond to the increasing risks through amendments in the business strategies or practices. Managers should not blindly stick to a business plan devised prematurely, in situations of unexpected changes (Mintzberg, 1987).

A good way to explain the ‘boiling frog’ phenomenon will be to consider the example of a Mart, which was a small vegetable and fruit market, located in New Zealand (Van Peursem and Harnisch, 2001). This mart was operating on traditional practices of day-to-day activities which did not provide any flexibility in its operational capabilities. They therefore became ignorant to the changing situations and the increasing need for innovation and practices to transform the business (Richardson, Nwankwo & Richardson, 1994, p.12), already restricted by the traditional management. According to Hogarth-scott, Watson and Wilson (1996), a formal research is necessary for a formal market research, which the mart’s owners ignored, expecting that their customers would notify them of their needs or any concerns, if there were any.

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