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Nowadays customers are exposed to thousands of voices and images on tv, newspapers, magazins, hoardings, banners, radio etc. these are the brand ambassador of the product. Every brand attempts to grab the attention of customer in order to inform them about the product and service. The challenge of the marketer is to find a hook that will hold the subject’s attention.

But nowadays company like mc-Donald, Sony, Uniliver etc has taken an innovative move by employing the real customers as the brand ambassador. Companies invest large sums of money to align their brands and themselves with endorsers. Overall spending on citizen marketing is growing and is expected to top $1 billion in 2007, up from $980 million in 2006, according to PQ Media’s word-of-mouth marketing forecast. That number is expected to swell to almost $4 billion by 2011.

Consumers are selected based on their devotion to a product and the size of their social circles. They are expected to tap into friends, family, groups and resources through conversations, blogs, live events and online social media.

Their activities are measured by things such as online traffic, number of blog posts, reader comments and e-mail responses, and how many people participate in real-world events. These programs “hire” consumers, via incentives and rewards, to act as part PR agents, part sales reps and part evangelists.

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