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xecution这些关键领域是关于更多关于过程,做正确的事,就是做正确的事情(施莱辛格,史蒂文森& 1999年皮尔斯p.115)。重要的是要注意,在大多数情况下,通过人的事情。是否人们推按钮或与客户和员工互动,人们常常每笔交易的公分母。尽管成千上万的书已经写在人员管理上,一个常见的观点是,人们一种投资。虽然这是祝福,通常似乎并没有让它过去的讲堂进入会议室或人力资源办公室。往往,即使在很好的公司,也许有时在不知不觉中,人们显示为费用。虽然人承担费用,人们不应该被视为费用,相反,他们应该被视为投资一样普通的资本投资。这种转变可以给需要的角度看,他们是重要的,应该从长期看,需要定期保养和应该谨慎选择。


xecution is these key areas is about more that doing the right things it is about process, that is doing things right (Stevenson, Schlesinger, & Pearce 1999, p.115). It is important to note that, for the most part, things get done through people. Whether it is people pushing a button or people interacting with customers and staff, people are often the common denominator in every transaction. Though literally thousands of books have been written on managing people, a common perspective is that people are an investment. While this is good talk, it often does not seem to make it past the lecture hall into the board room or the human resource office. Far too often, even in very good companies and perhaps sometimes unconsciously, people show up as expenses. While people do incur expenses, people should not be viewed as expenses, rather, they should be considered as investments in much the same way one would ordinary capital investments. Such a paradigm shift can give the needed perspective that they are important, should be viewed in the long-term, need periodic maintenance and should be chosen carefully.

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