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Education 代写 : Environment Rainforest Australia

Education 代写 : Environment Rainforest Australia

The unit of work chosen for the purpose of this assignment is a New South Wales stage 3 Human Society and Its Environment unit called ‘Global Environments: Rainforests’. The unit provides opportunities for students to investigate a rainforest environment in Australia. The unit also focuses on comparing environmental patterns in Australia with those in other places of the world. It is expected that this unit would be approximately 10 weeks in duration.

The unit will be an integrated unit linking with the key learning areas English, Science and Technology, and Creative and Practical Arts. The unit will also incorporate resource-based learning. Therefore, this unit requires a substantial range of resources in order to assist in developing the students understanding of this topic.

The school in which this stage 3 Human Society and Its Environment unit will be taught is a Catholic systemic school called Mary Immaculate Primary School. Mary Immaculate Primary School, which was established in 1985, is situated in the southwest of Sydney between the suburbs Fairfield and Liverpool. It is a K-6, three streamed (3 classes per grade), coeducational school with a current population of 615 students.

Students taught at this school are predominately from affluent families and come to school from a variety of cultural backgrounds. School records indicate that 93% of the school is recognised as LBOTE (Language background other then English).

Despite there being a high percentage of students coming from language backgrounds other than English, students at this school have a moderate to high level understanding of the English language, therefore not causing a high or profound impact on the teaching program. However, varying student abilities, skills, and learning styles still need to be acknowledged and taken into account.

The student group of Mary Immaculate Primary School who will be undertaking this unit are the year 5 students. There are three year 5 classes in the school making that a total of 90 students who will be involved in this unit. The students in year 5 are in mixed ability classes. Therefore, it is important to note that students in each class will have varying skills and abilities, and varying learning styles.

The teachers who will be undertaking this unit are the classroom teachers of each of the year 5 classes. The role of the year 5 classroom teacher is one of facilitator of learning. The classroom teacher will guide the students through a range of individual and group activities to develop their understanding of the topic.

The teacher librarian’s primary role in this unit is to assist teachers with selecting and acquiring resources for the unit. The teacher librarian will work collaboratively with the classroom teachers to identify the information and resource needs of the unit. Working collaboratively with the classroom teachers will also help the teacher librarian identify the information needs of the teachers and the students.

Relevant resources currently available through the school library collection to resource the unit are very limited. When assessing the collection to see what resources are available it was surprising to find that there was only 7 non-fiction books on the topic of Rainforests in the whole library collection, of which were more suited for the advanced reader.

It was noted that other formats such as video’s, DVDs, CD-Rom’s, and websites were not available in the collection, therefore not allowing to accommodate for students with varying learning styles (i.e. especially those who are visual learners). There are also a limited number of fiction books to support this unit, and as the unit is integrated with English outcomes, this will be an area that will need to be resourced as well.