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像耆那教和佛教,伊斯兰教,印度教也下降。从这本书中,印度:在新的时代背景下,作者Wallbank写道,“…穆斯林教徒自愿接受伊斯兰教的后代,经常逃避低种姓的地位,或者有时选择它作为较好的替代死亡的入侵穆斯林的主机或歧视性税收的穆斯林统治者手中。”[ 2 ]由于伊斯兰教是从种姓制度中逃脱,可以说有穆斯林的关系平等。从起源到耆那教和佛教一样,它也有自己的麻烦和沉重的责任,最重要的是,如果不是所有的穆斯林都是可以容忍的。

根据实践,本书的伊斯兰社会的作者,Fluehr Lobban说,“伊斯兰教是“提交,提交给上帝(真主),唯一的神在不妥协的一神论信仰。”她还解释说,伊斯兰教是来自阿拉伯半岛,伊斯兰教之前透露,意识到安拉的存在被称为“贾希利亚时期。[ 3 ]从给出的定义中,伊斯兰教可以被看作是一个完整的投降,这可能解释为什么伊斯兰教会影响穆斯林的生活的其他方面。


When we hear the word Muslim, what comes into our minds? Some of us may think of a lady wearing a cloth to cover her face whom we usually see selling varied objects ranging from second-hand phones and equipments to pirated CD’s, perfumes and medicines at Divisoria or Greenhills. There are those who associate the word to polygamy. Others think that Muslims are those who are so strict that they can even kill someone brutally if they want. These are just some of our most common associations to the word “Muslim.”, but, who are they really? What is it to be a Muslim or a Moslem?

Muslims are those who believe and follow the religion, Islam. If Christians have God as the Supreme Being to be worshipped, Muslims have Allah as their one and only God. Although Islam is basically a religion, we believe that it is more than just that. “It is a way of life, a veritable culture all on its own.” [1] It is a religion affecting almost all other aspect of the society including its cultures, values, and social practices. Muslims do not just have a collective form of worship but rather a collective form of everyday life.

Like Jainism and Buddhism, Islam too descended from Hinduism. From the book, India: In the New Era, the author, Wallbank writes, “…Muslims are descendants of Hindus who accepted Islam voluntarily, often to escape low caste status, or who at times chose it as the preferable alternative to death at the hands of the invading Muslim hosts or discriminatory taxes by Muslim rulers.” [2] Since Islam is seen as an escape from the caste system, it can be said that there is equality in Muslim relationships. Similar to Jainism and Buddhism in terms of origin, it also has its own hassles and heavy responsibilities that for most, if not all Muslims are tolerable.

According to the book Islam Society in Practice, the author, Fluehr-Lobban states that “Islam means ‘submission,’ submission to God (Allah), the one and only deity in the uncompromising monotheistic faith.” She also explains that Islam particularly came from the Arabian Peninsula and that before Islam was revealed, the period of unawareness that Allah exists is called Jahiliyya. [3] From the definition given, Islam can be seen as a complete surrender which may explain why Islam affects other aspects of the lives of the Muslims.