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华盛顿essay代写 The Importance of Culture and Values in Globalization

华盛顿essay代写 The Importance of Culture and Values in Globalization

The article clearly explains the importance of culture, values and other societal factors when an organisation steps towards globalization, as, people of each country have their own distinct national character. Therefore, managers need to take into account the local culture of the country in which they wish to market. A consumer’s buying decision is largely depended on all these factors especially in a country like India. Here are a few facts from the article-:

Consumption decisions cannot be considered as an independent event

There is a close relationship between consumptions and values, social relationship and cultural allegiance

The behaviour of various consumers has been significantly affected by the concept of “National culture”.

Culture varies from country to country

An organisation must clearly focus on the country-specific core values and cultural values in order to ensure a “smooth sailing” into the country

Cultural dimensions play a vital role in brand marketing

In Indian society, there are many different sub-cultures that exist with their own individual norms, beliefs and behaviour. Therefore, people in India are socialized by getting inputs from their cultures and core values. There are many cultural factors like language, religion, rituals and customs, society etc in India that influence the marketing implications of an organisation. There are many examples in the article of the companies, which has succeeded in India because they respected these factors and formulated their marketing strategies in such a way so that people of India could relate to their products. The author in the article has quoted examples like, Mc Donald’s, one of the biggest global food chain, has altered its main ingredients to suit the Indian taste, and, since beef is not consumed in India as cow is worshiped in India, therefore, Mc Donald’s does not serve its beef burger in India. Though, it is one of their fastest selling products of Mc Donald’s.

Therefore, the article says that for the companies to carry on their business successfully in India, they need to put efforts to understand the distinctiveness of Indian culture and its core values, and try to find a brand name that suits its cultural dimension.


This article basically discusses the overall fundamental element of Indian culture and core values that on organisation follow to plan its marketing strategies. According to the article before an organization starts its journey in a country like India, a thorough study of the culture and values is of immense use to brand managers to implement their marketing strategies and to avoid any wrong decisions. In my perspective, the main purpose of the article is to address the managers, in this era of rapid globalisation, that multicultural marketing is the key to success.