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Commerce代写:Effect Of Motivation On Employees Productivity

 Commerce代写:Effect Of Motivation On Employees Productivity

This study examines the effect of motivation on employee’s productivity in an organization which is a pioneer to an organization’s success. This study reflects that how can we motivate the employee for which I have analyzed the most important variable that effect the performance of employees productivity that are recognition, promotion, challenging job, self control, rewards, compensation, performance appraisal, & employee satisfaction. The effective motivation program always gives effective results and leads the organization towards the success. The Pearson’s correlation coefficient and regression equation also has performed to analyze covariance’s and relationship among the variables. As well as the multiple regressions have also performed to know the final outcome and they have found in a high variation and they are useful to make predictions.


Motivation is a factor that creates an energy or interest in work in order to achieve the goals. Motivation has two types i.e. Intrinsic & Extrinsic. Intrinsic is that when an employee perform by himself without any pressure. Extrinsic motivation is when an employee does not perform by himself. By considering both types of motivation it is come to knowledge that employees prefer intrinsic motivation most as compare to the extrinsic motivation however we cannot neglect the importance of extrinsic factor because motivation is a bunch of different variables which we offer someone to be motivate for specific purpose. Another point which is also very important is that every individual has its own perspective, its own way and choice that’s why we cannot say that for every one intrinsic motivation is best to motivate them. No, it is not necessary that every one prefer intrinsic motivation for personal motivation. Now question arises that how can we come to know that what motivates a person and for this purpose we have to analyze the individual’s needs and wants and always welcome an open communication regarding the motivation. Because effective motivation programs always gives effective results and lead an organization towards the success. With motivation we can reduce cost, increase production, reduce time and many things more which we cannot perform without motivation because it drives the individual’s towards attaining goals. It is true that there is always a positive effect of motivation on employee’s productivity because high motivation leads to high productivity. Productivity decreases total cost and duration of production, improved quality, give opportunity to the organization to capture high market share which leads the organization to the peak of success and for this purpose motivation is a necessary element.

2. Literature Review

Employees are the strength of any organization and no organization can succeed without the participation of their employees. For this purpose organizations should boost its employee’s morale and progress which can be perform only by motivation because motivation plays an important role to increase employee’s productivity in any kind of condition. Another factor is money or bonuses which enhance employee interest in their work therefore, numerous researches have performedto know the effects on productivity; knowledge sharing etc that is affected by motivation. Researchers have argued that motivation facilitates enhanced productivity by enabling dedication to a cause (Josse Delfgaauw, 2008) motivation is linked with advanced level of productivity across a diversity of tasks, jobs, and extra role (C. Fred Miao, 2007). Motivation is the tool to increase productivity.